Josie Belle


Owner: Richard

".....Our Josie is going on 9 months old now & she is amazing and has become an integral part of our family in such a short period of time. Her vocabulary has extended well beyond the basics for her age & with no professional training. Her favorite word is TREAT while NO, LEAVE IT, DROP IT & DOWN are her least favorites. Josie has webbed paws & is not afraid of water. We plan to swim her this week at Boltz Lake. Our empty nest needed something new & exciting & challenging, yet lovable...and we can assure you that our Golden Doodle fills the bill. Golden's are special! Try one & see for yourself..."


IMG_0363 (1)_edited.jpg

Owners: Robert and Hanah

Owner Robert says: My wife and I couldn't be happier to have Boomer in our lives. He loves everything and everybody. He enjoys being active (swimming, walks, and fetch) but can also cuddle for hours. We couldn't image our lives without him!

Berkley Mae Gracey


Owner: Bailey

Owner Bailey says:"Berkeley weighs 52 lbs. Sheds Very light to no shed. Shedding occurred when loosing puppy coat. Personality through the roof!! The best, most caring and positive personality. Extremely friendly to all humans and creatures, Plays well with all pets. Curious. Gentle towards little ones. Quick learner, extremely smart. Goes to work daily and delivers mail. Photogenic. Spoiled. LOVES ALL TOYS-doesn't shred only plays. Chewed a little as a puppy (watch your shoes.) Loves going on car rides and spending time with Granny. Loves treats, ice cubes and chewing on bottles. Not a huge fan of dental sticks :/ Does well with being groomed. Listens well. Cuddle bug and an adventurer. Gets hot relatively quick. Loves to play fetch. Learning to swim, but loves to play in the sprinkler (especially while I'm watering the plants.) Doesn't like wearing harness bruh doesn't pull at the lead and easy to walk. HOWEVER she only likes walking when she wants to walk, other wise you will find yourself doing a workout by carrying her." 



River's Owner Says: 

"...He is the first dog I've ever had and I can't imagine a better one. He has the best personality, is very loving, playful, and enjoys to snuggle. He is also very in tune to my wants and needs.  He has always been a great listener.  He gets excited when he sees other dogs and wants to meet and greet everyone.  He's very curious and gentle with kids. He is very human like and gives the best hugs. Also, he loves going on hikes and being outdoors..."