The Stone Family raises F1 Goldendoodles.  They are the result of breeding a Standard Poodle and a Golden Retriever. Both of our dogs are AKC registered.  Our Golden retriever's lineage can be traced back 3 consecutive generations and is documented in AKC registration.

SIZE: We anticipate our puppies to be between 50-55lbs per our previous litter. Medium to large Goldendoodles. Our Sire (Small Standard Poodle Male) is 41lbs and our Dame (Golden Retriever Female) is 60lbs.  

COAT DESCRIPTION: Goldendoodle coats grow to a natural body length of 3-5 inches which requires combing and occasional grooming.   Coats are usually wavy or curly, with a rare shorter hair coat. Shedding is very light to non-shedding. In regards to allergy friendliness they are usually successful in families with mild allergies.   

CARE: Occasional Grooming requirements include regular brushing, occasional bathing and fur trimming. Due to minimal shedding, Goldendoodles tend to have less dander, reducing allergic responses.

PERSONALITY/TEMPERMENT: Affectionate, alert, cheerful, courageous, energetic, friendly, intelligent, loyal, playful, quiet, responsive, social, sensitivity level is high.


USEFULLNESS: Goldendoodles have been used as pets, guide dogs, therapy dogs, diabetic dogs, search dogs and rescue dogs, as they have inherited the poodle's intelligence and the golden retriever's ease of training.  Goldendoodles have also become increasingly used as domestic pets due to their affection towards families, as well as their friendliness and patience with children and strangers.

Our Dame


She is our VERY sweet natured family Golden Retriever.  She is obedient, playful, intelligent, well-mannered, great with kids, and kindly to strangers.  She is an AKC registered Golden Retriever. Documentation can be provided on site. She is up to date on all of her shots, flea and tick, and worming medications. She weighs 60 lbs and is 21.33 inches tall.

Our Sire


Tucker is an AKC registered small standard poodle. He weighs 41lbs and is 21 inches tall.   He likes to snuggle and wants to be around his owners all the time.   He's very friendly to strangers, kids, and anyone he has met.