The Girls


Molly is an NAPR registered Australian Shepherd. She is highly intelligent, loyal, thrives on our companionship and loves to take rides with us on the Polaris Ranger or in the truck. She is an active farm herding dog and has been known to put cattle back into fences on her own. She is at her best when she is engaged in interaction with a person or farm animals.  She also makes a great walking companion and will stay by our side wherever we go.  Molly was retired in fall of 2019 and will not be having any future litters.


Kelsey is an AKC Miniature American Shephard (aka Miniature Australian Shephard). She is a beautiful blue merle and only weighs 32lbs.  

Extremely intelligent, we have been able to teach her new tricks in a matter of minutes. She is a very sweet girl who loves to be with us all the time and cannot get enough Ranger rides!  Puppies currently range from $1100-$1650.

Our Sire


Tucker is an AKC registered small standard poodle. He weighs 41lbs and is 21 inches tall.   He likes to snuggle and wants to be around his owners all the time.   He's very friendly to strangers, kids, and anyone he has met.